Thinking out of the box is never easy but once you get there it’s usually somewhere between the aha! and the wow! factor. That is exactly what we want to achieve with our travel company. In December last year I took a bunch of my friends to India to show them India in my aha! way. This action resulted in one of my travel companions Johan Eneroth approaching me with an idea to start a travel bureau that offers something out of the box. Our take off point for the company is to offer travel that is more unique and unusual than what is being offered on the market today. Initially we want to set our sights on providing services between Sweden + Nordics to India and also taking Indian visitors to Scandinavia. From here we want to expand to other exciting destinations always with a focus on the wow!

Our goal is to become a leading player in the digital field being a web based bureau, with ambitions to be socially conscious, green and lean.

To meet and surpass our client’s dreams and desires.

Our vision is the be the leading digital travel company for travellers seeking unique experiences.

Please contact us if you want to know more about us or our upcoming tours.

Reach me at Sanjoo Malhotra at or call me at +46707184609
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